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True Love Coffeehouse April 12th 2008


The Upstairs Gallery February 17th



first show of 2006
Luna's Cafe


Luna's Cafe, July 25th 2005

The Christynas birthday, April 30th 2005

Luna's Cafe, March 26th 2005

Luna's Cafe, January 29th 2005

The Brick Coffee House March 18th 2005

December At The Brick, 2004

Ferrous Kitty, Halloween, 2004

My Last True Love Show, July 23rd 2004

True Love Coffeehouse, June 26th 2004

The Brick Coffee House May 28th 2004

Ferrous Kitty House Party, May 16th 2004

True Love Coffeehouse, May 16th

Luna's, Cafe May 31st

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True Love Coffeehouse, July 19th

Luna's, Cafe July 26th

Luna's, October 25th

Halloween, Old Ironsides & True Love Coffeehouse

True Love Coffeehouse, November 22nd