December 13th 2005
New CD 
"david and the christynas" 
I'm making them right now 
If you want one before our party 
(which will be sometime in January) 
You can either get it here 
Find me I'll have them with me

July 15th 2005
Some of you might already know that the Christynas have a trio called "The Default Trio" 
But did you know that the trio now has a webstie?

June 29th 2005
Here's the latest 
The Christynas and I have a two song DVD out 
Commemorating our one year anniversary 
It's a live recording with footage from our first True Love show 
To some of our most recent ones


date ? 2005 What have I been doing? Well the "Wendy Tapes" and "Songs From Winter" are done And so is "No Bongos Tonight" I added the Christynas to a few more songs on that CD Besides "Singer/Shadows" We did "Evie", "Trouble" and "Hopeless Romantics" And I have another surprise for you "The New Old CD" with Me, Erik, Miss, and Pat is now plus the Christynas I just couldn't help myself I had to do it

January ? 2005

Jerry Perry sent out a e-mail
Asking people to send in what they thought the best and worst of last year was

And all I can tell only you is what I saw and heard and liked
Or what I can remember
And I'm sorry but I can only talk about people I've worked with or friends of mine

The most obvious bad thing that happened
Was Kevin and Allyson having to close True Love

But here are a bunch of good things
These were outstanding moments for me

Adrian Bourgeois play at Fox and Goose the first night he got his looper pedal
And Christopher Fairman couldn't find any underages shows
So he booked his on show at that theater across from F & G (sorry I don't   know what it's called)
And then sold it out
Seeing Jay Shaner with his new band play their first show at Old Ironsides
Hearing Johnny Gutenberg talk for a half an hour at Luna's Wednesday night Mood Swings
Hearing The Miles for the first time with their new line up at Old I
I didn't think I would like it as much
Because I like the way Dave plays guitar
But with him on keys and Ben playing guitar
It really opens up
Another really great moment was
Mark Harrod sitting on the stage at Luna's with his wife old beat up nylon string guitar
And singing a dozen brand new songs

I really enjoy people trying new things or having open minds
Or seeing that light bulb go off in their heads
Like Bobby Jordan working on a new song and saying
"I don't want to have any strumming guitar on it this time"
And for me personally
The very best thing that happened
Was having Christina Maradik (viola) and Krystyna Ogella (cello) start playing with me
As I'm writing this I'm starting to remember more stuff
But I've got to get back to work
And I know you need this
So that's all for now


December 26th 2004

Happy day after
I have been obsessed lately 
Well okay for the last few months 
I had this really cool idea to fix a couple of older recordings 
It started with a song called "Incense To Excess" which is on "Songs From Winter"
There was a line at the end of the first that was wrong 
I don't know how it got by me 
But it did
At first I was going to edit in the correct line 
And I thought "Hey, why don't I just sing it over again"
As soon as I thought that the dam broke 
Or a light came on 
Or a lighting bolt struck....
Why don't I put real drums on these songs and re-sing them?
To make them sound a little more like I do now 
And why not do "The Wendy Tapes" too! 
Versions 2.4

I know what your thinking 
But I couldn't see it at the time 
Anyway then the proverbial can of worms overflowed

Then on June 6th....

Oh wait I have to back up a bit 
Sometime during the week before the 6th I got a call from Kim at Old I 
Yes another one of those calls 
It was their anniversary weekend extravaganza 
And would I like to do something for the Songs From The Sixties night 
I said of course I would we hung-up 
Then I started to calling band mates to see who would be available 
You know what? 
The date is starting to come back to me 
It was Friday evening the 4th of June 
I come in to work Saturday and find out that nobody is available 
So now I'm wonder what 60's songs can I do by myself 
Leonard Cohen songs of course 
And as I thought that I was struck by another bolt of lighting 
It would be cool to do with strings 
And that night I ran into Christina Maradik 
Who plays the viola in The Default Trio with Krystyna Ogella who play the cello 
I ask her if she would like to do the show 
She said yeah and would check in with Krystyna to see if she could 
Then on Sunday the 6th she called and said we were a go 

So back to the 6th 
I had to start writing string arrangements for cello and viola 
The old I show was going to be on the17th 
I also had a show on the 19th at True Love 
And I'm thinking
It would be a shame to just play those songs once 
So I called Christina back to see they could do the 19th as well 
She said she'd check and called back a few hours latter to say yes 
And then I thought 
It would be a shame to have them there and only play four songs
We should do a whole set
I can't begin to tell you how great and magical it was from the very first rehearsal 

So I've been obsessed with working on "Songs From Winter" and "The Wendy Tapes" 
And string arrangements for Christina and Krystyna 
"The Christynas" as I affectionately call them 

Isn't that enough? 
Well there's more
Yes there's more 
We have been recording some new songs for the next CD 
No I'm not going to tell you what songs we've recorded
Not yet anyway 

But I can tell you their on "I'll Never See Wendy Again" and "Anton's New Girlfriend" 
And a song from "No Bongos Tonight" called "Singer/Shadows" 
And in a few weeks we're going to try a couple of songs from "Songs From Winter"




June 6th 2004

Well I started to write something here
It's now August 18th 
So I'll just start over 


March 14th 2004

I know I know 
January, February,  
But I been working on it really 
So here's some of what I've been working on 
The Public Nuisance website and this one 
That's right 
I've put up a couple of video clips of the DVD's 
And I wanted to tell you how lame I was 
I forgot to take any photo's of the show at The Brick 
Erik and Garin and myself 
Along with Adam Varona and his crew Dave and Julie (from Squish) 
And Ty (from Richard March's band) had a great time 
Anyway the next time I play there someone 
Remind me to take my camera 



January 12th 2004

I have finally finished editing the halloween show 
And it's available if you want to see it (and hear it)
The new CD "Earth And Moon" is out (also finally)
That's not all I've been doing
But it seems like

I wrote and recorded a song for Allyson
It was for her birthday (Dec. 27th)
I asked Kevin if you would like to sing some harmonies on it
He said of course he would 
You'll have to ask her to play it for you sometime 

Oh, man 
I forgot to tell you about the last show at True Love 
But their closing right now so I'll finish tomorrow 

January 13th

So..My last True Love show of the year...

Oh wait 
Here comes Allyson 
I think she wants to talk
Be back in awhile...




November 3rd 2003

The Halloween show at Old I show went well I thought
Megan did really great
And of course Matt rocked
We brought the Theremin to use on Holy Man
But the sound man couldn't get it hook up
And I didn't think to plug it in to an amp until the next day
It was very crazy there
Crazy in a good way

I even had some friends film it

Later that night we went over to True Love Coffeehouse
And played the Waffle set for Allyson and the crew


October 29th 2003

I have something new for you
It's a live at Luna's DVD
That's right DVD
And let's see what else
Oh, yeah
I'm going to do a Public Nuisance set at Old Ironsides
Friday night, Halloween
It's for the Dead Rock Star night


July 21st 2003

Okay, I'm sitting here at True Love Coffeehouse
And I thought I'd tell you about the show I had here last Saturday night
Well, to start with
Larry Tagg played bass
Mark Harrod played drums and sang
And I got out the Rick 12 string
As some of you might know
A "Rick" can be a little touchy
So it was a struggle to keep in tune
But when it was in it was great
Larry's getting married next month
So I picked a punch of his favorite songs
And songs that I thought would have special meaning
Of course we had a lot of  fun 
When we where done
I suggested that everyone get a waffle
And hang out and talk with us
I made some new friends
Amy and Eva
It was their first time to the True Love
They split a strawberry waffle
No, I didn't have any
They we're done with it by the time I helped Mark load up his drums
But we did talk for awhile
'til they closed
I got up late on Sunday
Had dinner and watched a movie with my Mom
And today 
I tried to figure out what I'm going to do at Luna's this coming Saturday
What does that mean?
What songs am I going to do
What guitar am I going to play
And what amp will I use
That kind of stuff
Oh, and the order of the songs
I think I got it all sorted out
Then I tried to work on the cover of a new cd
That I haven't told you about yet
But I need to re-scan the main cover art

Let's see then what did I do?
Watered the plants
Checked my e-mail
Payed a bill
Then came over here
Talked with Amanda for a little while
And then wrote this
Okay, so I going to go now
See you later


July 9th 2003
From the traffic on my message board
I didn't think anybody was out there
But a couple of people said that I shouldn't be so..
Pessimistic about it
I said "Who me?"
I guess I take it for granted that I see everyone of you all the time
So anyway here I am
I think you've all heard the White Strips story
They are covering a song I wrote when I was in the Public Nuisance "Small Face
Let's see other news
I've just finished another CD
It's called "The Past"
I've been working on a video
Live At Luna's
And I've got to go now..

January 3rd 2002
I don't think this is news
I was writing to my friend Kim
Telling her about my new years eve
And thought I should put it up here also


December 31st 2001
Let's see it started about 6:00 p.m.
Well actually it started about 4:30 loading up the car
I wanted to get there early
You know beat the rush
So this is how it went


Unload the car
And you know I don't know how I got all that stuff in there
Well you'll see what I mean in a bit
I had talked to Kev a couple of days earlier
About bringing some more lights
We both thought it would be a good idea
So that was the first thing I was going to set up
But for some reason when I there
(By the way this is all happening at the True Love Coffeehouse)
I decided to set up my keyboard rig first
Which consisted of a Leslie combo speaker cabinet
A OB-3 organ module, a studio logic keyboard controller and a mini moog
And a bunch of assorted cables
Oh, I forgot to tell you that Dave Brockman was there
And he was helping me unload the car
We started talking about motion simulator speakers and different kinds keyboards
I think this is way I set the keyboard stuff up first
Anyway I set up stage right
If you're looking at the stage that's on your left hand side
So I finally get it going and Dave couldn't wait to play with the mini
And then out of nowhere a woman (her name was Annie)
Walked up and asked if she could play it too
I said okay
But she was disappointed to find it would only play one note at a time
And so lost interest very quickly
Allyson had asked Dave to help with some of the party decorations
Actually I think Dave volunteered
Annie had said she was bored
So I suggested she help Dave with the ribbons he was hanging
And I stared in on hanging the extra lighting and running the necessary cables
Earlier in the day
Kev and Al had hung some red foil ribbon kind of stuff on the wall behind the stage
So I choose this really bright red light for out in front
It looked really cool
Just about the time I finished with the other lights Kev showed up I couldn't wait to show him the lights We then started talking about the stage set up And both agreed I should be the other side Stage left or your right So then I unplugged and untangled all the cables And moved to the other side
Man, I can't believe I haven't even got to the show part of the evening yet
Or told what bands where playing
That I can do right know
The Knockoffs, Popgun and the return of Go National
Okay, where was I
I just finished moving my keyboard stuff (right?)
And it's about 8:30
By now members of the different bands were arriving
And also people to see the show
I'm actually a little stressed out
So I order a coffee and some crackers
And tried to relax 
Here we go
Oh, I forgot to tell you that while I was doing all that stuff
They had taken all the tables a chair out
Well actually they left some of the chairs
And put them up against the walls
Kev asked me if I would like to handle the lights (yes, I would)
He welcomes everyone
And then introduces The Knockoffs
The room is full of people all standing up of course
I have to tell you this because by the time it gets to the solo
Danny the lead guitarist comes running out of the crowd
All he's got his wireless guitar, black underwear (boxers)
And pieces of electrical tape xing out his nipples
There were so many people
We could barely see them on the stage
And then here comes Danny
You never know what's going to happen at a Knockoff show
Bobby, Little Tom, Big Tom and Danny
I hope you get a chance to see them for yourself
Up next Popgun
While the Knockoffs were doing their set
I asked Warren (that's Warren from Warren Bishop and The Holy Men)
If he would do the lights for Popgun and Go Nash (he said yes)
Did I tell you I was going to play with Popgun?
Just tambourine and shakers
And acoustic guitar on one song "Penny"
As a special treat they had decided to play all the song from there new CD
Yes, they are recording it with me
But back to the show
As I said earlier there were a lot of people there
But up in front you could barely tell where the crowd ended and the stage began
It was really cool
Well actually it was extremely warm
With the extra lights and all the rockin' bodies
It was very hot and stuff
Just the way a good rock show should be, right?
There was a woman standing right beside me who had never seen or heard Popgun before
She said she had to step out for a few minutes to get some air
Yes that's how packed it was
In fact it was so crowded and loud and wild and crazy
I had to send messages to Warren
(Who by know had also taken over PA duty)
When Kevin Harrod's keyboard need to be louder
Or to turn my guitar up when I was going to play
Whoever was standing at my shoulder would carry the message 
(I think it was Matt)
All of a sudden the woman who stepped out was back
She kept screaming that Popgun was her new favorite band
And now the long awaited return of Go National
Okay, I had forgot one thing
To mic. the Leslie cabinet
But I had prepared for it
So I ran out to my car
(Well stumbled through the crowd is more like it)
To get a stand, cable and mic.
By the time I get back Go Nash is just about ready
Did I mention there was a back line set up?
That's when the drums and amps stay on stage
And everyone uses the same equipment
So set changes go very quickly
Bobby , Kev and Allyson are tuning up
Dave's checking the snare
And I'm on the floor trying to plug in a microphone
Okay so we're finally ready to go
It's about three minutes to midnight
And is it possible that there are even more people
The plane is for Kev and Al to the count down thing and we will start
Five , four, three, two, one, Happy New Year
And then one, two, three, four, bam, right into the first song "Motorcycle"
Everything was going great
But then about three quarters of the way though the set
Kev broke a string
No problem he had his Tele there for back up
A quick tune up and we're off again
And then two songs latter
Dave say he smells something burning
And of course it's Kev's amp
The one that everybody else used that night
So he say's F*** it and I'll just sing
Which he does for the next song
And then Al say's to use her amp
So she gets a tambourine and Kev plugs in for the last two songs
The crowd didn't seem to mind any of this
They were having a blast
It seemed like everyone in the first two rows knew the lyrics to all the songs
And were all singing along
It was very cool
And there's more
The first waffle set of 2002
That's right I had the privilege of doing the first waffle set of the new year
I asked Garin and Erik if they would join me (they said yes)
Mark sees that we are going to play and asks if I would like him to sing
Hum, let me think about about that for maybe like a half second
So we get set up and everyone is still whooping and hollering
I'm trying to get Warren's attention
And then..
You know how they play music between bands
Well by some strange coincidence "I'm Into You" starts playing
So Mark and I lip-sinc
Yes, that's right
The whole song
Finally we get in touch with Warren
And start to play
Like most of the waffle sets
It an all request night
And friends from the audience are encouraged to join us
Dave Brockman figured out how to turn my organ rig on after a few songs
That was a big surprise
Then Laticha came up and sang with Mark on "Heather Robinson"
And then Kevin Harrod got up and sang with us
And for the life of me I can't remember what song right now
Oh, what a minute
It was "Tambourine Girl"
How could I forget
Then someone asked for "A Minor Medley"
Mark and Becky took this opportunity to say there good-byes
There are a few more requests
And then Steve Amaral asked "Cara"
Then he wanted another request "My Own Personal Goddess"
I gave him a hard time for wanting two in a row
You know
Give someone else a turn
Then he said it was Annie who wanted to hear it
I said right
So asked Annie come up on stage to confirm her request
Allyson just happens to be walking by
So she sneaks up and starts singing with us
I know there is so much I'm leaving out
But these are the highlights that I remember at the moment
Oh yeah there is one more thing
I woke up the next day with a cold



July 24th 2001

Did I tell you that all of my CDs are available at the True Love Coffeehouse?
That's right even the new one "No Bongos Tonight"


April 30th 2001

Ever since the Smammie's night
I've wanted to tell you what that evening was like
But between working, playing and writing new songs oh and being sick
I haven't had a chance
And then a few weeks ago I was talking with my friend Heather Robinson
And she told me about this review in the State Hornet
So I'm just going to let Ryan tell you all about it

10th Anniversary Sammies

Reviewed by Ryan Endean
State Hornet
April 04, 2001 
Sacramento's biggest and brightest musical stars all gathered together
last Wednesday to honor each other at the 10th annual Sacramento
Area Music Awards at the Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento. 
The annual award show highlights the Sacramento music scene and
its musicians and raises money for local charities. This year the
proceeds from the show went to the Wind Youth Center and Joe's Style Shop.
Hosted by local music moguls Eric Bianchi and  Laura Ingle, the show
was a mix of awards, performances, and hijinxs typical of a gathering of musicians.
The show started off with a bang, literally, with a performance by
Sacramento Taiko Dan, a highly energetic Asian drum troupe. 
The big winners of the evening included country rock group Forever Goldrush
for Outstanding Country Band, the lead singer, Damon Wycoff,
took home the Critic's Choice Award for male vocalist.
The group also played an amazing three-song set during the show,
wowing the crowd. The Outstanding Hip Hop/Rap Group award went to
The C.U.F., who won the award for the second year in a row.

Taking home the award for Outstanding Rock Band 
was Sacramento‚s big boys Oleander.
The group accepted their award via satellite from a hotel room
somewhere in Ohio. The group also presented the award for Critic‚s
Choice New Band, which went to the Freight Train Riders of America.
The Outstanding Pop Band award went to The Skirts, an all-female pop
group. The Skirts also presented the award for Outstanding R&B/Funk
Band, which went to Funkengruven. Probably the most anticipated
band of the evening, Luxt, a heavy metal band that closely mirrored
their performance to Korn, won the Outstanding Metal award and
played during the concert. 
The Outstanding Folk Band award seemed to hold a lot of controversy
behind it. As the nominations for the award were being read, the crowd
chanted for David Houston, one of the nominees. Houston lost to
second-time winner Xenophilia and the crowd did not seem content
with the decision and continued to chant Houston's name. 
The award show also included the SAMMIES Hall of Fame awards,
which went to long-time winners Tattooed Love Dogs, Los Elegantes
and Mick Martin & The Blues Rockers. The award for longest speech
of the evening went to Critic's Choice Guitarist winner G.B. of Magnolia
Thunderfinger. His speech was so long that hosts Laura Ingle and Eric
Bianchi dubbed him the Julia Roberts of the 2001 SAMMIES. 
Though the show did have its high points, it also had some serious low
points. Easily the lamest point in the evening came when long-time
Sacramento band Tesla announced the award for Band of the Decade
to......themselves. In a video shot the previous week, Tesla and host
Laura Ingle, opened the envelope and presented the award to
themselves. The crowd was far from amused. 
The hosts, Bianchi and Ingle, left much to be desired. The pair has
hosted the show for many years, however, this year they seemed to
have left their humor at home. Bianchi and Ingle slowed the show down
to almost a halt every time they had the microphone. The show would
have been much better hosted by real representatives f the
Sacramento music scene. 
Bobby Jordan of The Knockoffs and Red Star Memorial and Skid Jones
of Magnolia Thunderfinger would be prime candidates for next year's
hosting position. In the two minutes that Jordan and Jones were on
stage to present the award for Critic's Choice for Bassist, they were
funnier and wittier than Bianchi and Ingle could ever hope to be. The
most redeeming moment of the evening came at the very end of the
show, after most of the audience and the musicians had already gone home. 
After the last award was presented, punk rocker icons 7 Seconds, the
winners of the Outstanding Punk Band award, played an amazing set
to the die-hard crowd that stuck around till the end. 
The set by 7 Seconds was a perfect finish to the awards show as it
was a perfect example of how music should be. 7 Seconds invited
fellow punk band The Knockoffs on stage to engage in some serious
rock and roll hijinxs. At one point, Knockoffs singer Danny Secretion
was down to his underwear sliding around on the water-soaked stage.
Regardless of the lack of hosting and some unwanted upsets in the
awards, the show was a success and did a fine job of acknowledging
and embracing the huge Sacramento music scene and all of its
hard-working musicians. 



November 1st 1999

I can't believe it's been so long
Since I've posted anything up here
I mean it's Halloween already or was
I guess there is a lot of new stuff to tell you
But you probably already know
Like David Houston
Or the Darkboard
There are plans for an exclusive MP3 CD
That should be ready very soon
By the way the IPO concert was great
And that's all I can think of right now
I'm on my way to the Open Mic


Some time in June

I'm never sure what to do with this page
I don't know if this is  news or not
I have been invited to play at IPO
That's International Pop Overthrow
Check out their website

And yes 
I have started on the next CD